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Evolution of Robotriq: A Journey of Innovation and Education

Robotriq Automation Pvt Ltd , recognized under the Government of India’s MSME program. Witness the milestone   with the launch of Robotriq Automation Training Centre in Coimbatore, dedicated to providing comprehensive training in industrial automation and robotics, marking a new chapter in education and innovation

2016Company Established
2018Industry of Robotriq
2018Robotriq Training Centre
2024Robotriq Automation Pvt Ltd

WHO WE ARE - Automation industry

Robotriq Automation Pvt Ltd

Robotriq Automation Pvt Ltd, founded in 2016, specializes in designing and manufacturing control panels integrated with electrical, electronics, and automation components. Our experienced team uses the latest design tools and in-house testing facilities to ensure quality and functionality. Trusted across industries like printing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and more, we provide comprehensive industrial solutions tailored to diverse needs.

  1. PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming
  2. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems Integration
  3. HMI (Human Machine Interface) Development
  4. Industrial Robotics Integration
  5. Motion Control System Design and Implementation
  6. Industrial Networking Solutions
  7. Electrical Panel Design and Fabrication
  8. Process Automation Solutions
  9. MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Implementation
  10. Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions
  11. Training and Consultancy Services

WHO WE ARE - Automation Training Centre

Robotriq Automation Training Centre

At Robotriq Training Centre, we offer a diverse range of courses tailored to meet the needs of aspiring automation professionals:

  1. Industrial Automation Course: Master the fundamentals of industrial automation, including PLC programming, SCADA systems, and industrial networking.
  2. Industrial Robot Course: Dive into the world of robotics and learn to design, program, and integrate industrial robots for various applications.
  3. Factory Automation Course: Explore advanced techniques in factory automation, including process optimization, lean manufacturing principles, and smart manufacturing technologies.
  4. Industrial Maintenance Engineers Course: Equip yourself with the skills needed to excel as an industrial maintenance engineer, specializing in troubleshooting and maintenance of complex automated systems.

Overseeing strategic Direction and Overall Operations

Prabhakaran .V

Prabhakaran .V

Managing Director
Robotriq has been a real game-changer, delivering top-notch solutions that truly makes a difference.
Sabari Guru

Sabari Guru

Production Engineer - Electrical
Industry Automation Solutions: Streamlining Processes, Enhancing Efficiency, and Driving Success


Robotics Engineer - Mechanical
Robotriq isn't just a training center; it's a hub of excellence, where passion meets learning, and success stories are born

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Robotriq Automation Pvt Ltd

Robotriq Training Centre

Partnered with 20+ Trusted PLC, SCADA, and Robot Manufacturers.

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