Expert-level Troubleshooting & Maintenance in Automation

This course provides advanced training in troubleshooting and maintenance techniques essential for professionals working with industrial automation systems. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), SCADA/HMI systems, Servo Motors, and Pneumatics & Field Instruments.

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Master Troubleshooting & Maintenance with a 360° Approach

Explore advanced troubleshooting & maintenance in industrial automation with focus on VFDs, PLCs, SCADA/HMI systems, servo motors, and pneumatics. Hands-on projects and practical applications ensure mastery of essential skills for industrial settings


Programmable Logic Controllers for automation.


Variable Frequency Drives for motor control.


SCADA/HMI for monitoring and control.

Servo Motors

Precision motors for motion control.


Air-based systems for automation.

Field Instruments

Devices for measurement and control.

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Expert-level Troubleshooting & Maintenance in Automation

Advanced Automation Systems Certification

Benefits of the Advanced Automation Systems Certification include enhanced career prospects, validation of expertise, advanced skills development, industry recognition, and expanded professional network

Detailed Syllabus

Syllabus to Expert-level Troubleshooting & Maintenance in Automation

  • Introduction to automation in manufacturing and process industries
  • Evolution and significance of automation systems
  • Role of troubleshooting and maintenance in enhancing system reliability
  • Fundamentals

    • Basic principles of VFD operation
    • Types of VFDs and their applications
  • Selection and Installation

    • Criteria for selecting VFDs based on load characteristics
    • Installation guidelines and considerations
  • Parameterization and Commissioning

    • Programming VFD parameters for optimal operation
    • Load testing and commissioning procedures
  • Interfacing with PLCs

    • Integration of VFDs with Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Communication protocols and data exchange methods
  • Advanced Topics

    • Speed modulation techniques
    • Error codes interpretation and troubleshooting strategies
    • Real-time interface with Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs)
  • Introduction and Architecture

    • Overview of PLC hardware and software components
    • PLC scan cycle and execution sequence
  • Programming Fundamentals

    • Ladder logic programming basics
    • Addressing and configuring digital and analog I/O modules
    • Programming timers, counters, and arithmetic instructions
  • Advanced Programming

    • PID control mode implementation
    • Network configuration and communication drivers
    • PLC troubleshooting techniques and debugging strategies
  • Specialized Functions

    • Servo motor control using PLCs
    • Integration with SCADA systems for data visualization
  • SCADA Fundamentals

    • Overview of SCADA systems and their role in industrial automation
    • Configuration of database images and object creation
  • HMI Design and Configuration

    • Creating dynamic graphical interfaces
    • Alarm and event configuration
    • Real-time and historical trend analysis
  • Integration with PLCs

    • Establishing communication between SCADA/HMI and PLCs
    • OPC/ODBC connectivity for data exchange
  • Introduction and Construction

    • Basics of servo motor operation
    • Types of servo motors and their characteristics
  • Control Modes

    • Speed, position, and torque control modes
    • Programming servo drives using PWM and other control techniques
  • Applications and Advantages

    • Industrial applications of servo motors
    • Advantages over conventional motors (e.g., induction motors)
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    • Common servo motor issues and error code interpretation
    • Periodic maintenance procedures and best practices
  • Pneumatics Basics

    • Introduction to pneumatic systems
    • Components: solenoid valves, actuators, etc.
  • Field Instruments

    • Overview of level transmitters, flow transmitters, RTD/thermocouples
    • Control valves and signal converters
  • Applications and Integration

    • Practical applications in industrial automation
    • Integration with PLCs and SCADA systems

Project Work

  • Integration of VFDs, PLCs, and HMI/SCADA systems
  • Servo motor control project
  • Troubleshooting simulated automation scenarios
  • Safety Practices

    • Importance of safety in industrial automation
    • Compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Case Studies

    • Real-world case studies of successful automation implementations
    • Lessons learned and best practices in industrial automation

Course Learning Pathway

Empowering Tomorrow's MNC Masters: Where Practical Skills Forge Expertise

Theory Class

Practical Class

Practical Class

Direct Industry Project

Video Preview Outline

Change Fuji VFD Drive Parameter Setting & Wiring Class

Communication with Delta PLC & Delta HMI | SCADA

Industry Real Time Project to Client | Industry Machine PLC Programing

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Course Highlights:

  • PLC, SCADA, HMI training
  • Hands-on practice with industry-standard equipment
  • Certification upon completion
  • Placement support and career guidance

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers, Technicians, and Fresh Graduates
  • Professionals looking to upskill

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